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Automated Karl Fischer Titration System: Tix

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AB Controls introduces, Tix, a robotic titration station that offers true walk-away automation. If you have a large number of samples and you would like to save in labor and get precision results in a repeatable manner, this is the right solution for you.

So far the Tix has used Karl Fischer titration. However, other types of titrators can be integrated on demand.

Karl Fischer titration is one of the few assay techniques recognized by the FDA for the determination of residual moisture in lyophilized pharmaceutical product. Because the iodine-water reaction is very specific and quantitative, this technique offers high accuracy and precision. Tix is a robotic Titration Work Cell that provides walk away automation for a large number of samples (105). It has been fully tested verified and is now in use for R&D and production.

We have integrated a Mettler Toledo Titrator (DL31 and V20 have been successfully integrated ), an XP Mettler Toledo Balance, an uncapping station, and two MasterFlex pumps in a unique and compact format to create a work cell for Karl Fischer Titration. The system hold 105 tubes. The turn-key automation allows for the user to setup the samples, press the run button and and walk away.

Results are automatically collected from the titrator and the balance and all titration related calculations are made automatically and recorded. An optional module enables the software to be compatible with 21-CRF part 11. The titration cell is washed automatically.

The heart of the system is a five axis articulated robotic arm. The whole system is commanded by Focus, our robotic software. Samples are picked up, weighed, uncapped, poured into the titrator and analyzed, all automatically.

A printer prints results immediately as soon as they become available. This is an ideal work cell for pharmaceutical companies with a need for routine titration of multiple samples. The savings in time pay for the system in a short time. The fact that reliable industrial automation is used to build the system lets users do a true walk away automation.

We can use the components of the work cell to create unique combinations. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We have developed both volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration systems. The coulometric system uses a syringe pump to deliver reagent and titrant into lyophilized vials. It has a built in shaker that is used by the robotic arm to mix the sample with titrant.

Various size vials are supported. Two modes of operation allow for running standards as well.