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Focus is an industrial automation software that can integrate all devices for your application under one roof with a common interface. It provides an easy to use and powerful VBA. We can also customize it with specific components for your application.

You will get the components you need with the interface you need. Focus gives us the flexibility to reshape it the way you need it. Focus has successfully been integrated into many applications and can be integrated into your application as well.

Our method has been to create special versions of the software for each of the systems it controls. The basic core functionality of the software stays the same and its various modules are then adapted to different tasks.


  • There is a built in user interface to setup the system
  • There is also a built in database of teach points and vectors for moving the robot for various tasks
  • This allows for support of different plates, racks and trips.
  • The built in VBA with native Apix commands, make it a snap to develop applications. This feature allows Focus and the device it controls to be the central point of automation in a workstation, integrating various devices such as Plate Sealers, Plate Washers, Plate Readers, Barcode Readers into a single seamless application. Or it can work as a server integrated into native liquid handling machine environments.
  • The built in scheduling capability allows for easy setup of complex tasks. In some applications we have developed a custom interface so that the robot can be run just by drag and drop action.