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Automated Functional Switch Tester (UST)

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UST is a functional switch tester. It tests switches by running them automatically and in the process it measures contact resistance, contact bounce, and activation force. Other performance criteria can be added.

Bench-Top Configuration

The whole test system can be fit onto a test bench and as such any test lab can accommodate the system.

Custom Electronics

The switches connect to the data acquisition through our custom electronics. This makes the design of the system compact and easy to maintain. Less wiring clutter, less electrical noise means better performance.

Custom Test Fixture & Interface PODs

Different switch sizes with different number of poles can be accommodated. The compact and modular format allows for different switches to be tested via a POD module

Self Calibration

A feature in software allows for self calibration through a golden unit. This results in very accurate measurement of contact resistance in the milli ohm range.

PXI-Based Data Acquisition

For this project we use the PXI-based data acquisition and controls. This is a robust platform that will be supported for a long time in the future.

Modern and Compact Test Chamber

The test chamber is enclosed and as such no dust can enter. It also allows for safe operation of the system.


We have used our test executive “FocusOnTest” to run the various test sequences. Our software is based on LabVIEW and adds a layer of sequence execution.


The system comes with a set of documents which includes: user’s manual, wiring diagram, all open source software (test scripts), commandset help.