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LabVIEW And TestStand Solutions

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Integrating smart devices to create intelligent instruments and systems


As a National Instruments Alliance Member, AB Controls offers turn-key solutions based on LabVIEW and TestStand products. Our relationship with LabVIEW goes far back. Our familiarity with LabVIEW and National Instruments DAQ products plus our experience in system integration makes us the perfect candidate for your next LabVIEW project.

Here are some of the past solutions we have provided. Advantages of automated test systems are innumerous. Most importantly these systems make operators more efficient. They make the process more formal and completely objective.

Some of the other LabVIEW and TestStand-based solutions are as follows:

Testing Infrared Sensor Arrays
This application required automated and comprehensive testing of Infrared sensors and automatic classification of sensors based on good and bad pixels.

Testing Cell phones
This applications required various frequency spectrum testing of cell phones to assure that they perform within all operational parameters.

Testing Laser Tubes, Modules, Systems
Click here to see the page related to laser test systems

Some other examples of LabVIEW and TestStand-based solutions appear below:

Automated Actuator Test Stand

Automated Actuator Test System:
Our customer is the leading manufacture of actuators and valves used in mission critical applications. They wanted a fully automated test system with multiple capabilities all built into one. The challenge was that each actuator was running at different voltages and had different interface pin-outs. Also each actuator has a different set of test criteria. All tests needed to be performed with as little interference from the operator as possible.

Our system PXI based solution tests the actuators in many different modes for various functionalities including:

– Insulation Resistance
– Dielectric Strength
– Stall and Running Torque
– Current Consumption
– Travel times at various voltages
– Limit Switch functionality

The system is fully integrated with the corporate database. The shop order is scanned, and the automated test procedure is looked up from a local database. The test is then performed per test requirements. Test results are tabulated and a report is generated and printed. A serial number is also generated.

Automated Test System for Winches:
Our customer, a well known defense contractor manufactures Winches for mission critical applications. Prior to the automated system, they had to run the tests manually, which was time consuming and very difficult on the operator for data collection. We deployed a real time Field Point system to control a reaction winch that made the test winch go through a rigorous regiments of tests. Data for all tests is collected at programmable intervals.

Also our system made it possible to run endurance tests on these winches which used to be arduous and very expensive in terms of man-hour consumption.


Mass Flow Controller, Driver Field Application Commander:
his is a system that allows up to 32 mass flow controllers to appear on the same network. The network can be either RS-485 or DeviceNet.

We built a software that was expandable and covered multiple revisions of the firmware. This software is at use everyday by end-users and service representatives throughout the world to characterize these very accurate and precise mass flow controllers.