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Laboratory Automation and Testing

A lot of the operations in a laboratory are geared towards performing tests. Some examples are particle counting, titration (moisture determination) or PH tests. Chemical testing is a time-consuming affair. Steps leading to the test, the test itself and post...

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5 Benefits of Laboratory Automation Solutions

Laboratory teams are continually looking for ways to better improve their productivity and maximize the long-term value of their testing work.  Many companies are now choosing laboratory automation solutions to boost their work and maximize the efficiency of their...

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Discover More on the Pipetting Robot

In order to complete testing work more efficiently, companies are now implementing automated solutions to their most common testing challenges. The pipetting robot is one of the latest solutions offered to help drive productivity within testing procedures. Within this...

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What is Laboratory Automation Systems?

In recent years, you may have heard the term "laboratory automation solutions" referenced rather frequently. You may have already implemented some solutions without even knowing about it. While the entire development of laboratory automation focuses around improving...

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Pipette Delivery Robot (Trx)

At AB Controls, Inc. we are always trying to be on top of our game in terms of integrated technologies and robotics. This blog is not about throwing shameless product promotions, but while I am working on locating break through stories in life sciences, aerospace,...

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