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Automated Functional Tester (FIX)

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The Fix is a versatile and reliable platform to test PCB’s automatically. Our LabVIEW-based “FocusOnTest” software allows integration of various test instruments for reliable and fast measurement, data acquisition and data logging with database connectivity.

Main features are as follows:

  • Multiple data acquisition platforms supported: PXI, VXI,SCXI, GPIB, Serial, USB, Ethernet.Light-curtain protects from accidental pinching.
  • Stand-alone instrument integration.
  • Custom test fixture with custom bed of nails for your specific PCB.Sa
  • Analog and digital I/O with various speeds and resolutions.
  • Function generation
  • Automatic capturing of and verification of waveforms (masking) through analog input or oscilloscope of waveforms.
  • Integration and interfacing of high AC and DC voltages (3 phase, 1000 VDC, etc).
  • Current and resistance measurements.
  • Design and and implementation of a switch matrix for routing of signals.
  • Software solutions: “TestStand”, “FocusonTest” and “Focus” test executive options
  • Flexibility of creation and modification of test scripts by end user or our applications engineers
  • JTAG, and Boundary scan
  • Integration of EEPROM programming
  • In-system programming (ISP) of on board devices
  • Optional pneumatic clamp down of the PCB
  • Ergonomic design and ease of transportation
Design Process

The design process includes multiple conference calls or meetings where all aspects of the PCB are discussed. This includes mechanical as well as electrical, electronics and software options.


There are three options for the software: 1. “FocusOnTest” is our test executive with an easy to understand spreadsheet interface. Your test procedures can easily be transformed into our test scripting language called “TestLingo”. Once the scripts are developed they can be immediately check on the system for syntax errors. Tests can be single stepped, or a range of test steps can be run. commands can also be executed directly in Administrator login mode. 2. “TestStand” is NI’s test executive and it allows for complex test scripting and using of functions developed in LabVIEW. 3. “Focus” is our automation software which has a rich VB-like scripting environment. We can add all pertinent scripting commands to this environment. Syntax checking, command help, drag and drop of commands are all available in this environment. In all cases we will also integrate a custom GUI that matches your exact requirements. All software provided includes help for commands used in scripts.

Test Fixture and Interface Board

A complete test fixture and interface board is designed for your specific PCB. This will include various options for quick load and unload of PCB’s into the functional tester.


Full design documents, 3-d models, parts list and schematics for interface boards are provided.

Warranty and Support

Various options are available for ongoing support so your production can continue with maximum up time. Click here to see our contact page. Send us an e-mail regarding functional testers: info@abcontrols.com Or simply call us at: 949-341-0977.

Custom Test Fixture & Interface PODs

Different switch sizes with different number of poles can be accommodated. The compact and modular format allows for different switches to be tested via a POD module.

Self Calibration

A feature in software allows for self calibration through a golden unit. This results in very accurate measurement of contact resistance in the milli ohm range.