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Automated Helium Leak Test System

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This unique solution is a calorimeter test system. It monitors and tests aircraft chillers automatically.

Our customer is a premier manufacturer of aircraft interior products. Our system is at the heart of their testing for manufacturing and repair activities for air chillers. These systems are used globally and are made exclusively by AB Controls. The system is a calorimeter and measures all aspects of the performance of the units utilizing a very precise data acquisition system in combination with highly precise transducers for measurement of voltage, current, temperature and flow . All tests are done automatically and a beacon system allows the operator to perform other tasks while testing is being done. The system reports any problems immediately so that they can be addressed. All reports are generated automatically using the ATP format of the customer.

We have provided excellent service during many years of operation. We worked in conjunction with the Engineering department of our customer to develop the system, specify components and document the design of the test systems. The software was developed using LabVIEW. Some aspects of control and measurement are done using a Mitsubishi PLC system in real time.