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Automated Laser Test System (ATE)

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Integrating smart devices to create intelligent instruments and systems


Lix is a class of instruments for automated laser beam profiling, power measurement and analysis with integrated machine vision.

Our customer for this solution is a leading manufacturer of laser marking systems for industrial and commercial applications. Three separate systems were developed to cover all aspects of operation of the lasers at different stages of manufacturing: from laser tubes to laser modules to final product.

Motorized and pneumatic actuators were used for placement and actuation of sensors and measurement devices. LabVIEW and TestStand were used in unison to create a flexible system that gives the end user the flexibility for modifying many test variables, including timing, and pass/fail criteria, etc. These systems integrate various measurement and profiling devices including: an Agilent functions generator, a Tektornix oscilloscope, a Cognex Vision System, a Spiricon Laser Beam Profiler, an Ophir laser power meter.

The real-time aspects of operation are controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC and a motorized actuator using a SmartMotor is used for the Final test system to move the test card automatically from one position on the test sequence to the other.

The three test systems made it possible to improve efficiency of testing in some cases by 2400%: for example the final test system that tests the laser controller and interface and the laser drive and optics module including all digital inputs and outputs used to test_equipment_laser_vision.JPGtake about 8 hours to complete. the operator had to follow various procedures and enter many variables and perform visual inspections that were basically subjective. The new automated system does all tests in about 10 minutes. The operator only scans the serial number and selects the laser type from a menu. the rest of the operations are handled by the test system: All test parameters are selected and test images are downloaded to the laser controller autoamtically.