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How to Approach Issues With Automation in Lab Testing

Companies always search into how to upgrade efficiency for bettering the worth in the company as a whole. These teams turn to automation to be a solution which will take them to the next level and increase their productivity with testing. At AB Controls for years on end we have been growing our arsenal of solutions and ways to integrate the most up to date lab automation. You can contact us to speak about your problems and how we can come up with the answers.

Now we will go over the problems and our answers to them:

  1. Explanation of automation and all that it can do

Describing automation as a whole, knowing when to finish the automation, the size of these functions,etc. can be a very complicated thing. When you look into the right things, and do some good research, interviews, meetings, and are questioning everything from the start, it makes it a lot easier to get an understanding of what is going to be happening.

  • What level of automation do you need? What degree of test automation coverage do you need?
  • What is the person that needs this automation’s main concern?
  • Does the main function of the test have to be automated?

Asking these questions help get into exactly what is going to be happening with the automation and what we need to do to be able to take care of these functions.

  1. Knowing what the client needs and thinks they are getting 

Expectations with be different when your working with different companies, so knowing what the client needs will usually be the main thing you need to do as a developer.

  1. Make sure to be in touch with all investors 

If someone is invested in the testing make sure to be discussing all of the details about the project with them. Also, have all the communication documented to easily be able to find topics that have been spoken about and things that you went over for the project.

    • Have a pre-written game plan to execute Writing reusable scripts
    • Write these steps down Documenting steps
    • Review and revise these steps and come up with updated versions often
  1. Control over the project as a whole Controlling the project’s life cycle
    • Be cautious of the cost Controlling the cost
    • Make sure you closely watch every step made
    • Document everything, have time-line made

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