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How to Choose the Best Robotic Liquid Handling System

We live in an age where automation and robotics play a critical role in almost all facets of our lives. In labs, automated liquid handling has revolutionized everything from automated drug discovery to DNA sequencing and high-throughput screening. The variety of liquid-handling robots available for labs has increased dramatically in the last decade. Even the market analysis predicts that the automated liquid handling market will continue to grow for the next few years.

The only reason these systems are becoming more popular is that they offer numerous advantages compared to manual liquid handling. A few reasons professionals often prefer automated liquid handling systems are increased speed, accuracy, and throughput. However, when selecting suitable liquid handling robots for your lab, you must evaluate each solution depending on your precise needs.


Robotic Liquid Handling Systems: What Are They, And How Do They Work?

Robotic or automated liquid handling systems help you perform several lab liquids handling tasks and experiments, including sample preparation, pipetting, and microplate washing. With the help of these devices, labs can save a lot of money on labor and free up resources to focus more on their analysis work rather than performing repetitive liquid handling tasks.

Automated liquid handling robots offer you a host of integrations and features that enable labs to automate most of their liquid handling tasks. As laboratories can set up unattended protocols using automated solutions, these solutions can ensure repeatability and better precision than the manual process. Liquid handling robots come in several sizes and shapes, offering various capabilities, accessories, and configurations available for different platforms.


Types of Applications That Will Benefit from Liquid Handling Robots

You can use automated liquid handling solutions whenever you need to increase your throughput while also maintaining absolute precision, accuracy, and perfect repeatability in the lab. While some platforms are better at preparing PCR reactions and extracting nucleic acids, others are better suited to carry out serial dilutions.

Some of the most common applications of automated liquid handling applications include:

  • Drug development
  • Biological research
  • Molecular biology assays
  • Epigenetics and genetics

Selecting an Ideal Automated Liquid Handling Platform

When selecting an ideal liquid handling solution for your lab, you must ensure you get it right first. Researching beforehand can help you choose the best system for all your needs. Thorough research can help ensure you get the most from your automated liquid handling system from the very first day. Here are a few critical questions you need to ask yourself before you begin evaluating systems:

  • What are the primary tasks you plan on using the platform for?
  • Are you looking for a fully-featured single platform to manage all your liquid handling tasks, or do you wish to speed up a particular function in your lab, like mixing, dispensing, and washing samples?
  • How much spare space do you have in the lab, and will your robotic system have a dedicated space, or do you wish it to be portable?

Answering these questions should help you narrow down your search. It would help if you prioritized your needs to evaluate each liquid-handling robot better to find the best fit. Spending time understanding all your current issues and identifying where and how automation can help will ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. Contact AB Controls to learn more about automated liquid handling systems and find out which fits your wants and needs the best!


AB Controls Can Help You Find Your Lab’s Ideal Liquid Handling System!

The advantages of robotic liquid handling systems are almost endless. They enable you to automate tasks, reduce sample-handling errors, increase throughput, measure volumes during dispensing, and optimize your liquid-handling workflow. If you have any questions about robotic liquid handling systems or want to learn more about their benefits, feel free to contact AB Controls at 949-341-0977!


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