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Key Factors When Deciding Which ATE Company to Hire

For a lot of companies creating products with detailed and complicated electronic components, automated test equipment (ATE), then putting them to use can make a huge difference of both, product and support after a sale.

Integrating circuits and the systems used along with those are often far too complicated for manual tests and to debug.  The relationship with automated test equipment conglomerates can make it fairly easy and able to find issues with any components in the fastest time. This is crucial to ensure the integrity of products before they are launched, and also with providing support to customers when needed.

The only problem can be deciding on the right automated test equipment company that can work with your needs and your budget.

Five Key Factors When Choosing ATE Vendors

  1. Multi-functionality.

In the general aspect, the more systems an ATE can be able to diagnose, the better for the customer. A single-purpose system is very challenging to actually make cost-effective, especially with things like power and space have to be considered.

  1. Modularity / Expandability

Having the ability to move forward on the functions of an ATE once purchased is a way to guarantee money made from your investment. Specifically, this gives you the ability to keep the costs low at first, while also being able to have minimum costs later when having to add new mods or functions.

3. Durability

You are going to need your ATE’s to be very reliable, especially if you plan on them being used for years once you purchase. Watch out for the  automated test equipment companies which are taking shortcuts and lowering the quality of materials used to build to have lower prices.

  1. Adherence to Industry Standards

Watch out for ATE’s that are made with a bunch of custom components and pieces in which the company that made your ATE will specifically have. What are you going to do a few years down the line if the company that manufactured your ATE goes out of business? How are you going to service your ATE? It would be very hard to keep it working with complete functionality.  Look for products that are made with standard parts.

  1. Warranties and Technical Support

Investigate any ATE manufacturer which you are planning on working with and learn about their history with customer support. You might find the perfect product, but the company has horrible terms and conditions with warranties or their technical support. Without the right terms and right conditions it could be too costly for you in the long run to work with one of these companies.

Choose the Right Automated Test Equipment Company for Your Needs

In short, ATEs should never be selected on their price. Their function and long-term value should always be your first priority.

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