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Selecting an Automated Systems Integrator

More and more companies are moving to robotics automation to evolve their manufacturing processes, based on their reliability while reducing manpower needs.  However, properly being able to implement and integrate robotics into existing systems can be overwhelming.

Many find that it’s better to bring in dedicated system integration companies which specialize in analyzing that companies existing processes, creating a plan of action, then implementing the new robotic systems.  Experts understand the many challenges that involving robotics can present, and can guide their clients through the process with a minimum of trouble.

Choosing the right system integration company can make the difference for a successful robotics implementation.

Four Attributes of Superior Robotics System Integration Companies


  1. A commitment to learning your processes.

If you ever come across system integration companies who think there’s a “one size fits all” robotics solution, stay far far away.  A good robotics integrator is going to need to spend substantial time studying your existing processes in detail and crafting a custom solution.

  1. An ability to help define the scope of the project.

Many who are interested in robotics upgrades may not even know the potential scope of the changes they could implement.  This is fine!  A robotics integrator is often brought in early in the process, specifically to help determine an appropriate size and scope for the changes.

  1. An understanding that “open” doesn’t mean “open.”

Right now -and likely for many years to come- there’s no such thing as “open standards” in robotics systems, despite some robotics vendors trying to call themselves “open.”  These are not plug-and-play components.  Even the most “open” robotics system will need substantial custom work or programming to integrate its various components, and a systems integrator should recognize this.

  1. A vendor-neutral approach to systems.

Some robotic integrators are tied exclusively to one brand of robotics systems.  This is good for them, but not necessarily for you. It’s easy for them to get implementation tunnel vision, based on the restrictions inherent to whichever vendor they use.  It’s much better for you to have one that’s vendor-agnostic and willing to mix-and-match to create the best result.


Make Robotics a Reality in Your Facilities


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