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Challenges Resolved by Using Laboratory Automation Solutions

Automation technology is revolutionizing many marketplaces. It allows organizations to reallocate resources and empower their leading team members to achieve higher levels of productivity. For those just learning more on the area of laboratory automation systems, it’s important to gain an understanding on their role on the lab and their work in mitigating multiple challenges that lab teams face each workday. In this latest post, we’ll highlight four of the challenges resolved by laboratory automation solutions.

  1. Rising Costs

Costs within the lab are rising incrementally as prices for equipment and supplies grow. This is especially true within manufacturing firms in the pharmaceuticals field, where legal considerations and research guidelines require significant sunk costs for each product. Now, automation solutions are allowing laboratory teams to mitigate many of the costs within the testing process. For example, instead of employing entire staff groups to monitor and record the results of testing, companies are now able to rely on automated systems that complete tests and record the result with higher precision than lab workers.

  1. Enhanced Regulations

Regulations within the manufacturing industry are continually being enhanced to protect consumers. So,teams are faced with the challenge of meeting higher legal standards. In terms of product testing, it’s important that all results achieve peak reliability in response to tightening regulations. And only through using laboratory automation solutions can companies ensure they meet these standards. Automated systems rely on technology that assures a superior level of reliability and repeatability within testing procedures.

  1. Global Competition

Global competition within the manufacturing field means North American firms must spend more money with greater precision in order to retain their advantage. Laboratory automation solutions help firms retain their advantage by guaranteeing tests are completed within a quicker time frame and at a lower cost. They allow companies to conserve their expenditure for other important parts of their operations while improving the quality of their products through the testing phase.

  1. Environmental Rules

In addition to quality regulations, environmental rules are also placing further responsibilities on the shoulders of manufacturing firms. They must ensure their products are designed for limited emissions and must also ensure their testing procedures abide by strict rules regarding emissions and environmental contamination. The latest automation products help support companies in meeting their obligations and retaining their level of productivity.

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