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AB Controls Now One of the Leading Contract Manufacturing Companies for Precision and Performance

December 04, 2019 – Irvine, CA-based automation specialist, AB Controls is now leading the market as one of the top local contract manufacturing companies. The firm is adept at turning complex concepts into tangible reality, harnessing mechanical, systems and software expertise to complete refined manufacturing processes. The company is known for creating instruments and devices in a consolidated timeframe using 3D modeling and rapid prototyping to ensure high level precision within their manufacturing work.

Manufacturing Solutions that Work

Companies that design custom medical equipment for testing procedures don’t always have the resources or personnel to complete the manufacturing work. To save time, and reduce their expenditures, they turn to trusted contract manufacturing companies to handle the project. The experts at AB Controls are leaders within the contract manufacturing market, and can offer the ideal solution for all instrument manufacturing demands.

AB Controls can take over the entire manufacturing process for companies to ensure they focus purely on their core competencies. Our team has experience working with Fortune 100 companies on their manufacturing requirements, and can offer the ideal solution within consolidated timeframes and at reduced pricing compared with other contract manufacturers in the region.

About AB Controls

To discover more on the services now offered through AB Controls, including contact manufacturing, please contact their staff now at 949-341-0977 or visit their business website at www.abcontrols.com.


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