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Laboratory Automation, Cloud Computing and Security

Automation and security

Many medical device/hospitals/ pharmaceutical companies believe the cloud is less secure than traditional server-based systems. That’s not necessarily the case – but it all depends on the cloud services you choose. For best practice, cloud-based software needs to have appropriate security protocols and the exact APIs to facilitate integration and automation.

As the medical device/hospitals/ pharmaceutical companies become more contented with the idea of cloud-based software and adoption increases, organizations also need to invest more time into selection of their technology partners to ensure they get the most secure solution. For example, a provider that has a track record in regulated and complaint environments is a form of guarantee. In fact, it implies that the technology stack has been tested multiple times. 

Security has never been more important. Especially now that users can log in and use the data from various servers and locations. This so-called “server-less computing model” sees the cloud provider dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources. It also bills users based on the amount of resources used rather than pre-purchased model with everything hidden from those in charge on managing the data in the back end, e.g. developers.

Administrations / companies must research the technology vendors and the software available to see how they can improve operations by integrating innovative automation strategies without comprising security.

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