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Another look at the Pipetting Robot (Revised)

In order to complete pharmaceutical, medical, industrial or similar testing efficiently, recently companies are implementing more automated solutions to their most common testing challenges.

The pipetting robot is one of the best solutions offered to help drive productivity within testing procedures. Within this latest post, our AB Controls team details more on the pipetting robot and its many benefits. Let’s review the concept together:

Uncapping, Pipetting and Recapping

As a reliable means of completing testing procedures, the pipetting robot chosen has to be able to uncap, pipet and then recap the tool. That’s part of the reason that many testing companies are now turning to the VIX system from AB Controls.

VIX is designed to be adaptable and can handle various size vials. It completes uncapping and recapping procedures via servo torque tensing and can therefore offer exceptional reliability.

The VIX is a versatile system that automatically uncaps, pipettes and recaps 2, 5 and .2 ml vials. The system can be adapted to handle various size vials. the capping and uncapping occurs under servo torque sensing and hence results in very repeatable torques.

The purpose of the machine is to relive the chemists and technicians from the repetitive motions associated with capping, uncapping and operating manual pipetters.

Repeatable Procedures

For those that complete the same type of pipetting work across various testing modules, a pipetting robot such as the VIX can complete the pipetting process with seamless repeat ability.

The VIX operates via an ADP (Air Displacement Pipet) and this delivers a repeat ability of close to 1%, which ensures automation can be built into a range of testing procedures.

More Safety for Lab Teams

One of the foremost advantages of choosing an automated pipetting robot is that it can help to protect lab teams against the repetitive stress injuries and strains that may result from constantly completing the same actions within the lab.

Increased Flexibility Level

Pipetting robot options provides a greater flexibility within testing environment. The VIX system is in complete control of FOCUS, which is AB Controls’ automation software.

FOCUS scripts can be modified for the liquid and testing application, and so testing teams can automate their processes to deliver specific liquids at programmed volumes and speeds.

The machine is in complete control of Focus, our robotic and automation software. Various scripting commands have been added to make control of the system a breeze. The whole automation process is under the control of one or more scripts. The scripts can be modified to deliver various liquids at programmed volumes and speeds.

Reduce Costs

The costs of running a team of lab technicians and completing testing procedures over a larger group can be a significant expenditure for smaller companies. An automated pipetting robot such as the VIX can help companies save time and boost their lab productivity over many years.

The team at AB Controls is here to guide you on how to integrate a pipetting robot into your working procedures. To discover more on our company and our product options, contact us today!



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