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Four Questions to Ask Potential System Integration Companies

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Equipment Companies | 0 comments

Systems integration work is critical in ensuring all devices work in unison toward the company’s common goal. Manufacturing firms often struggle in pairing systems together. That’s why many are now turning to specialist system integration companies for guidance.

To help guarantee your firm begins its integrating project on the right footing, we’re highlighting four questions to ask when choosing system integration companies.

  1. How can you help us meet our targets?

The integration company you choose should have the experience and expertise to help you in meeting your business targets for the year ahead. They should work with you to examine your current capabilities, and devices and build a system that supports the business moving forward. The company might also help your business choose new components, as part of this process. Their role as a partner will be to help you conserve expenditure while retaining productivity.

  1. What challenges do you foresee within our project?

Companies within the system integration marketplace have often completed hundreds of other projects for their clients across the country. And this means they’ll have the experience of encountering challenges within past projects. Whether it’s incompatibility between systems or a component issue, they’ll be able to predict potential challenges. It’s important that your team has a full understanding on these challenges and how the systems integration specialist intends to counteract them.

  1. How can your work reduce our costs?

One of the foremost reasons to begin the systems integration process is to reduce costs within the organization. Companies can save on labor costs when they have all the systems working in unison rather than having separate teams operating each area. But it’s important that system integration companies chosen for your projects have a clear sense on how they can reduce your costs. Will they work to minimize the time it takes to complete testing procedures? Can they build a system that integrates several core features and allows your business to reduce its spending on new technology in future? These will be critical questions to consider when analyzing service providers.

The experts here at AB Controls have decades of experience working to integrate systems to ensure clients achieve their operational goals and drive greater performance over the long-term. To discover more on our services, call our team now for a consultation.


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