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ATE, and Functional Testers

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Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to create functional testers and automated test equipment for a variety of industries. AB Controls provides customized automated test equipment solutions for a wide range of products and instruments including: electronics, laser, electromechanical, optical, semiconductor and chemical.

Our portfolio of custom test equipment and functional testers include: test systems for refrigeration units, laser systems, electronics and PC boards, actuators, winches, infrared cameras, cell phones, pipette tips, etc...

Industries served include: aerospace, medical devices, life sciences, industrial, commercial, automotive.

Our capabilities allow us to combine software, custom electronics, off the shelf and custom measurement and test equipment, programmable power supplies, FPGA and real-time controllers, PLC's etc, into a unique and cost effective solution. We always provide a fixed price solution.

A few samples of previous projects include:

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