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ATE, Automated Air Gage Test System

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A Cartesian robotic system was developed to guide a dimensional air gage into a tray of plastic laboratory consumables to measure various characteristics. A conveyor was used to automatically stage in products to be tested.

Our customer for this solution is a global manufacturer of laboratory consumables and instruments. This system has been in operation on a daily basis for years now and it provides statistical data for performance of manufacturing processes.

Operators can select from ready-made templates that provide patterns of consumable positions to be tested. The templates are easily configurable by engineers. As many templates as required can be generated. All test sequences are fully programmable using a custom interface that was developed based on Focus, our automation software. The data generated by our software is seamlessly integrated into the SPC software provided by the customer. This system has now generated many years of statistical performance data that is a guide for engineers to improve manufacturing processes.