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Mitsubishi Robotic Arms - Turn-Key Integration

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AB Controls offers turn-key system integration for Mitsubishi Robotic arms. Mitsubishi Robotic arms are legendary for precision, speed, robustness, ease of use, and smooth motion, among other things. SCARA and articulated arm form factors are available. The powerful 64 bit RISC based controller which has been constantly improving offers a level of sophistication that allows a simplified control system in some cases with no need to use a second control system such as a PLC. We will evaluate your application and see if additional real time controllers are necessary. If so we offer complete integration with a wide range of PLC’s and other real-time solutions.

  • 64 Bit RISC Processing-Faster more precise moves and execution
  • Singularity Avoidance- Ease of programming in areas of singularity
  • Built-in Collision Detection- Safety and cost savings
  • Compliance Control- User defined path forgiveness
  • Multi-Task Programming- Allows tasks to be easily separated and programmed
  • Single programming software package for all robot types- Efficient program development
  • MELFA-Vision SW integration tool- Plug and play interface to Cognex cameras
  • Additional axis interface – Plug and play SSCNETII connection to MR-J2S servos
  • Serial encoder interface – 2 channels for conveyor tracking

Please fell free to download any of the Mitsubishi Robotic arm brochures. To discuss your application in detail please call us for a free consultation:

The new IQ platform offers:

The new Q172DRCPU Robot controller combines faster processing speed and enhanced motion control, providing superior flexibility and performance when designing robotic work cells.

Key Features:

  • Capable of controlling up to 3 robots per system
  • Both vertically articulated and SCARA robots can be configured on a single platform
  • Single programming software package for all robot types
  • Versatility through shared iQ networking, I/O, and intelligent modules
  • Improved cycle times through inter-CPU shared memory bus