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ActiveX for Communication with Mitsubishi PLC s

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PLCCommPlus: Serial Communication Active X for Mitsubishi PLC’s


In only minutes you can setup applications to send/receive data to and from Mitsubishi PLCs (FX and A Series). Use the ActiveX to create Man-Machine Interfaces, SCADS applications, trends, data acquisition and more. It saves you the hassle of learning the communications codes and dealing with the details of handshaking. Reads and writes any data- register, Input, output, timer, counter values in the PLC. The ActiveX Control can be easily used in any ActiveX Container environment (like Visual BASIC®, Visual C/C++® or LabVIEW®). We have included sample applications that you can easily modify for your requirements.

Request a Demo

Request a fully functional version of the ActiveX right now and get started immediately. Please provide Name, Company Name, and phone number in your e-mail so that we can respond quickly.


How to Purchase:
To purchase please call our office at 949-341-0977.

Key Features:

  • No limits in the number of I/O and data registers to communicate to.
  • It is economical. You could spend thousands of dollars to get products that limit you as to how many points of data you can acquire from the PLC. However, this product will give you access to as many registers and I/O points that are available in the PLC.
  • It is easy. You can activate I/O and read/write data registers as easily as callings methods of an ActiveX.
  • It is fast. We use OLE automation methods to do high-speed communications with the PLC, not DDE.
  • Use all the power of standard software development packages that accept ActiveX Controls. We will not limit you by making you use arcane languages and methods. Use familiar languages such as BASIC or C/C++ or G Programming language to access the data that you need in the PLC.
  • Uses standard RS-232 communications port on the PC.


Does this Active X work with FX PLC's?


Does this Active X work with A Series PLC's?

Yes. The Active X has been tested with A1, A2, A3 and Aq series PLC’s.

Does the Active X work with programming port of the PLC?

 No. You need a serial communication module for both FX and A series PLC’s.

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