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We are custom test equipment developers for complex, automated, functional test solutions. Our test system engineers design automated test equipment (ATE), functional test systems, product validation test equipment and real-time test/measurement systems for aerospace, military, semiconductor, electronics, telecommunications, medical device, consumer and automotive devices. We use National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW, LabVIEW TestStand and Real-Time (FPGA) LV modules and toolkits.

Testing Services

Test specification development

Functional test system development

ATE – automated test equipment design and development

Custom test systems/solutions engineering

Turnkey test solutions (concept through implementation)

Custom test fixture design, fabrication and assembly

Burn in testing equipment design

Test data management, diagnostics, analysis, documentation and reports

Digital, analogue and RF test equipment development

Device/component level, PCB, system level and completed, functional product testing

Production test in a manufacturing environment

Product validation testing

Software and test protocol, test system programming

Disciplines – electronic, RF, optical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical systems

Stages – research, prototype and production test

Test Equipment Integration - Agilent (Hewlett Packard, HP), LM Star, Racal, Agilent, Schlumberger, Teradyne, Aeroflex

National Instruments (NI) TestStand programmers for test equipment development and validation

Real-Time test solutions (multicore, FPGA)


NI TestStand is a test management software package that facilitates automated test equipment development and validation. TestStand enables development of test sequences (in all test programming languages), control execution, reporting, database logging and enterprise system connectivity. GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) are created for intuitive use by production test operators. LabVIEW Test Stand is compatible with IVI, ATLAS, ATML, PXI (PC-based) and other industry standards. TestStand is used for Design Verification, Device Characterization, Validation Testing and Production/Manufacturing Testing. NI LabVIEW TestStand (Visit NI LabVIEW TestStand page to learn more)

Industries and Products

Life Science

Medical Device Manufacturing – medical device testing, medical device manufacturing process monitoring, quality and process control, process validation, regulatory affairs per ISO 13485. Devices may include class I , II or III medical devices, implantable devices, patient monitors, surgical devices, power supplies

Lab Automation - clinical lab testing, biotech/biomedical scientific research, LIMS, robotics, instrumentation, lab instrument integration, liquid handling and testing

Aerospace and Defense

Military – automated test systems for military aircraft, F35 lightning (JSF, Joint Strike Fighter), F22 Raptor, UAVs, aircraft avionics, cockpit instruments and navigation systems, radar systems, actuators and sensors

Commercial - commercial aircraft components testing in an AS9100:2001 manufacturing environment

Space – satellite, missile, space system and spacecraft subsystem testing

Electronics and Telecom

Semiconductors – integrated circuits (IC), wafer, bare die and packaged chip custom test system development

Telecommunications - telecom components, RF, high frequency, mixed signal, microwave, phased array, cable modems, passive and active devices, cell phones and antennas, optical switches, routers and other networking and wireless devices, serial, parallel, TCPIP and ethernet communications

Electronics – electronic products, package circuit boards, device under test (DUT boards), laptop and desktop computers, flat panel displays, smart cards, memory cards and other devices by contract electronic manufacturers (CEM)

Photonics – fiber optics, laser measurement, optometers, and optical component testing

Consumer Products

Consumer product testing, process control, monitoring, custom industrial automation – products may include notebook and desktop computers, home appliances, security systems, video game consoles and controls, etc. manufactured per ISO 9000, 9001, 9002


Automotive product, sensor and component testing for trucks, cars, military vehicles, autonomous and robotic land vehicles, brake systems, dashboard indicators, airbags and sensors

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