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automated ph measurement - probes

Ability to work with various types of probes.

automated ph measurement - wash pump

Fully integrtaed wash pump

automated ph measurement - Integrated PH Meter

Integrated SevenExcellence PH Meter

automated ph measurement - wash station

Fully integrated wash station

The pH of a solution is a measure of its acidity or basicity. It is often one of the factors in quality control of solutions to ensure adherence to specifications. In an R&D or manufacturing environment it is important to measure pH accurately and reliably.

Increasing number of companies across the globe now perform pH testing on their products. But many are noticing that they’re wasting time and labor resources during the testing process. Repeatable and reliable pH testing requires adherence to a strict protocol that is hard to achieve in a manual setting. Now, leading firms are consolidating their testing expenditure and their labor costs by turning to automated pH measurement systems such as Apix-pH from AB Controls.

Our Apix-PH Platform supports:

  • Cross Compatibility with Various Probes

    Working with the Apix-pH system, your teams can utilize various probes to complete the testing process. This helps cut down on the additional expenditures involved within the automation process.

  • Ability to Implement Unique Assays

    Teams will be able to implement unique assays as part of their pH measurement process with the Apix-pH system. The system allows for the development of custom scripts to ensure teams can control their own procedures and to help refine the relative value of the results.

  • Award-Winning Control

    The Apix-pH platform is controlled by Focus, which is our award-winning automation software. Each element of the Focus system has been designed for intuitive control and high-level performance within a range of demanding industries.

  • Precise Measurement

    Integrated with the SevenExcellence PH Meter, the Apix-PH system ensures reliable and repeatable results over the long-term. It’s a level of accuracy rarely achieved with manual pH measurements.

Save time and improve the reliability of your organization’s pH measurement work. Discover the many performance advantages of Apix-pH from AB Controls. To order your system today, contact our trusted team directly now.

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