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Things to Ask When Beginning a Lab Automation Project

When you are a person making executive decisions, you will want to question your team, or even yourself before applying lab automation/ automated testing to your project. Pondering on that question will help your team decide on how to start automation with your project.

These are a few challenges someone might face as a supervisor which would be in charge of applying the automation to the testing in the project.

  • Is the full picture of the project already known before hand in detail?
  • Did you look into what your return of investment would be and the way it would come?
  • Did you analyze the disadvantages and advantages of what will happen with the project?
  • Is there experienced members in this team? And are you yourself experienced and able to do this project?
  • Is there enough time to finish these tasks patiently?
  • Do you need a practice round before actually getting into the official project?
  • What is your budget for each thing you need to implement in your project?
  • Do you have some options or choices for who to use as an integrator for your project? Someone that is an experienced Automation’s Integrator (ABControls would be an example of a good choice).
  • Do you have the investors for the beginning of the project identified?
  • Do all of the applications need a module for full end to end automation?
  • Will your team be able to work with the different modules at the same time?

The answers to these questions will vary with every company and team. The answers should always come from good communication with the entire team and the management.

Here at AB Controls we provide many resources that can help support you starting your Lab Automation Project. We provide many choices for integration needed and support for any project.

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