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Advantage of an Automated Titration System

Ensuring universal accuracy throughout manufacturing and production is essential to your company. However, whenever the human element is involved, it can often result in variances of a final product.

Using visual and manual inspections in production may result in slight variations of a product, especially when multiple technicians and employees are involved.  To best avoid these variations within production, an automated Titration system is needed.

Not only does it remove these slight alterations between final products but it can improve productivity and boost output at the same time. Here are 3 reasons as to why you need to take advantage of an automated Titration system.

  1. Improved Reproduction Accuracy

If you currently use a manual titration process, you’re taking a glass burette and adding the titrant into the sample. While relying on a handful of other variables, the final analysis ultimately depends on the overall skill of your employee.

Realistically, you’ll end with a somewhat accurate result, although one test to the next will likely not provide exact results.  This is especially true when multiple analysts are at work.  Automated titration allows for every fine detail within the testing procedure to be performed the same way, which allows for the exact same testing specifications, giving you improved and more accurate results.

  1. Cut Sample Usage

During the manual process, an employee is going to need a larger sample size.  Over time, this results in a substantial loss to the company due to the amount of waste gone towards samples.  An automated method drastically cuts down on the chemicals required for sampling and testing.

  1. Save Time and Money

The automated procedure performs repeated tasks and tests the exact same way every time.  This removes downtime or the occasional error a human worker may perform.  It also helps save your company money as you do not need to bring on as many high-priced technical skill professionals to carry out testing.

Maintaining universal consistency throughout production is a must, yet when relying on an employee to maintain this consistency you’ll often end up with slight variations within the final product.

By implementing an automated titration system, you’ll remove these variations and end with products identical to one another. With additional benefits including time savings and improved reproduction accuracy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look into an automated titration system for your business.

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