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Three Tips for Handling Unsupported Test Equipment with Automated Services

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Test Automation | 0 comments

One of the most common challenges throughout the industrial marketplace is the inability to effectively test products before bringing them to market. Obsolete or otherwise unsupported test equipment can stall the progress of a product development and limit the ROI for the company. And so it’s important to find alternative testing options. In this latest post, we’ll present three tips for handling unsupported test equipment with automated services.

  1. Replace Test Equipment to Reduce Man Hours

Working with older model test equipment can make it challenging for any team trying to complete comprehensive testing according to a strict timetable. Components fail and applications don’t function as they should. It’s why many companies are now turning to automated test equipment as a way to replace their older or obsolete testing systems. Automation helps limit the man-hours required to complete the tests and helps companies save money with each test completed.

  1. Work with Testing Companies for Precise Solutions

Automated test equipment companies can help organizations to make the right choices for their unique testing challenges. They have engineers and automation experts on staff ready to guide the testing process and ensure that the equipment functions according to the company’s requirements. Another advantage of partnering with a trusted automation specialist is that the company can design automated testing systems with a focus on efficiency. They can help significantly reduce the cost of testing and ensure all objectives are met with precision.

  1. Document the Testing Process for Repeatability

By working with a trusted specialist in automated test equipment, you can ensure the process is repeatable and completed according to the optimal condition for the test each time. This will help reduce the time required during the setup process and ensure that all testing work has significant value to the development process. Make sure that the automation company takes a key role within the documentation work and helps to update the document when any innovations are made within the testing marketplace.

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