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13 Considerations to Make When Choosing Automated Test Equipment

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Test Automation | 0 comments

Automated test equipment can help reduce testing costs and ensure that lab teams are focused on their important roles within the facility.  They can help drive productivity and maximize efficiency within the working process.  But before investing in automated test equipment, it’s important to know the elements that comprise the ideal system for your unique firm. In this latest post, we’ll explore 13 considerations to make when choosing automated test equipment.

  1. Durability

The equipment your firm selects should be designed for optimal performance over the long-term. Consider whether the connections and components will survive over repeated use.

  1. Compact

With many lab teams struggling to find large spaces for their testing work, the automated test equipment should also be compact.

  1. Customer Service

What kind of customer service does the automated test equipment company offer? Make sure they can respond to your unique service needs.

  1. Scalability

Can the equipment be expanded and scaled over time as your needs change?

  1. Cross-Compatibility

Is the equipment built according to the industry standard? Make sure your equipment offers cross-compatibility in cases where you can no longer access certain products through your vendor.

  1. Comprehensive

Does the equipment cover all elements required for testing, including power and signaling systems?

  1. High Test Coverage

The testing system should be able to provide full coverage and offer insights on all elements of the tested product. This can help to minimize failure rates later on.

  1. Robust Diagnostics

Does the testing system offer diagnostic tools to ensure the reliability of the results achieved?

  1. Cost per Test

What is the cost per test? Does the system offer long-term value for money over several testing processes?

  1. Testimonials

Can the firm point to testimonials from past customers? What do past customers have to say about the product and its performance?

  1. Warranty

Does the equipment come with a comprehensive warranty? Make sure you’re protected against damages that might occur in testing.

  1. Manufacturer Reputation

Is the company known for the quality of their equipment? Discuss their past projects and learn more about the value their systems provide.

  1. Intuitive Performance

Is the system easy to use? Does it offer intuitive performance within the testing procedure? Your team should be able to begin testing without having to go over every point in the technical manual in pinpoint detail.

Our team at AB Controls is here to help you select the ideal automated test equipment for your lab. To learn more, contact us today!


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