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What is Laboratory Automation Systems?

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Lab Automation | 0 comments

In recent years, you may have heard the term “laboratory automation solutions” referenced rather frequently. You may have already implemented some solutions without even knowing about it.

While the entire development of laboratory automation focuses around improving the process within your facility, understanding what laboratory automation solutions is and how it can improve productivity within your lab is a must.

Here is a general outline as to what laboratory automation solutions are and what it can do for your business.

What is Laboratory Automation?

Lab automation is all about researching and identifying ways in which technology can improve processes in the lab to deliver the best solution.  The technology that will be used is optimized around lab productivity and is an essential first step in the automation process.

With the help of automation, it is possible to not only improve productivity, but to reduce processing time or to even allow certain experimentation, which typically would not be possible using standard manufacturing and production means.

Kinds of Laboratory Automation

While there is an entire host of different automation options for the lab, the most common comes in the form of laboratory robotics. Laboratory robotics cuts out errors most commonly connected to human activity while ensuring precise performance within the necessary testing and production.

Often, the robotics used are small in stature, designed to provide exact measurements or to move biological and chemical samples to synthesize a chemical compound without putting workers or researches at risk.

A laboratory automation solution focuses on the repetitive movement or repeated act within the lab. This is why laboratory robotics is such a valuable addition to the automation process.

Whether it is picking up, moving and putting down an object or shaking and testing, the repetitive nature of production makes robotics a viable and capable addition to the laboratory.

Computer Software

Computer software can provide automation within the laboratory without the high cost of robotics.  By the use of programming to perform timely entries, the rest of production can continue on without breaks.

With the help of laboratory automation systems, your business can boost productivity, cut down on wasted material and even make the lab safer.

With a variety of options available, there is always a way to utilize an automation process within your lab. By considering these different methods, you’ll discover new ways to enhance what your business does.

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