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Pipette Delivery Robot (Trx)

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Company News | 0 comments

At AB Controls, Inc. we are always trying to be on top of our game in terms of integrated technologies and robotics. This blog is not about throwing shameless product promotions, but while I am working on locating break through stories in life sciences, aerospace, pharmacueuticals, and biotech, these will have to suffice. Below we have a video of our Pipette tip robot called Trx:

A client that deals with liquid handling approached us about our integration of robotic arms into existing equipment.  They had a Biomek FX and wanted a device that would deliver disposable nested tips to the equipment.  In response to their needs, we developed Trx, an automated system that would delivery up to 224 sets of 96 tips or 160 sets of 384 tips.  The system is very compact in size able to it on a table top and relies strictly on AC power to operate.  Additionally, we incorporated Focus software that has all the tools to make integration fast and smooth.  Trx can be integrated with most popular liquid handling equipment such has EP3 by PerkinElmer, Gemini by Tecan, and etc.

For more information follow the contact link above.  I promise the next post won’t be able one of our products 🙂


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